The Fuss-Free LMS

Here's the thing, Learning Management Systems can be complicated and costly. 

We don't think that's the way it should be. So we're revolutionising learning with Lean.

It's fuss-free. No gimmicks, no tricks. Just a great LMS that's designed to meet the needs of your business.

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What our customers have to say

There are just so many benefits...

Accessible anywhere, anytime

From any device with a single click.


Our pricing has been designed to give you options. Prices start from £5,000 for first 500 users.

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Go on, have a sneak peek

Let us show you in 30 seconds what Lean can do.

Learner analytics

Get data on learner performance and behaviour.

Real-time tracking

View progress as it's happening.

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Learning Paths

Create personalised journeys for learners.

Ongoing support

We'll provide support and guidance all the way through!

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"Our experience with Lean has been really positive and the GoodPractice team are very quick and responsive. Our data privacy course has had overwhelmingly positive feedback."
Gareth Thompson, Suntory

"Lean provides us with a system we can brand and host content for our members across the globe. The scoping process was great in helping me prioritise and focus upon what I needed to achieve. GoodPractice really challenged my thinking - in a good way!"
Carla Witcombe, Emerald Publishing

The FAQ's

UK: +44 (0)131 526 4111
Level 1, 50 Frederick Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1EX

AU: +61 3 8648 8847
Level 3, 10-16 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

US: +1 (617) 863 7160
120 Beacon Street, Suite 202 Somerville, MA 02143

With Lean, you don't have to waste time and money waiting for us to apply branding or customise the dashboard - you can do that within the system! 

Lean is designed to seamlessly align with your L&D goals.

Lean is fully scalable, whether you have one course or thousands. 

Select the functionality that supports your business goals, add or host your own content and turn off anything you don't need - it's simple.

Perfectly scalable -
the choice is yours 

Totally compliant -
It's important

Lean is pretty smart, it comes with real-time tracking so you're in complete control.

If compliance is top of your list then Lean has you covered. 

Plus you get learner analytics.

Simple setup +
continuous support

Initial setup takes a day and our support team are on hand whenever you need them, we can even work with your IT team. 

Plus learners can get started quickly and easily with Single Sign-On.

Fully customisable -
the way it should be

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